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Bright Sparqe is a charitable Australian organisation that is focused on caring for our homeless and most vulnerable community members. Through its distribution services, partnerships and outreach programs Bright Sparqe distributes food, bottled water, clothes and hygiene necessities (toiletries) to the homeless, underprivileged and people living below the poverty line in Australia.

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Sparqe a Better Future

The Bright Sparqe Board and organisational team were formed with the common objective - providing a duty of care to our community by helping the homeless and underprivileged in Australia. Collectively, we believe we can make a difference.


There are over 105,000 homeless people in Australia. Having commenced in December 2015, Bright Sparqe collects, packs and distributes food, clothes, bottled water, and toiletries to the homeless and underprivileged, and has partnered with other not-for profit organisations. Bright Sparqe has successfully completed its pilot program in Melbourne and is planning to expand throughout Australia.


Bright Sparqe collects donated end-of-day edible produce from bakeries, cafes and supermarkets and clothes from partnered clothing stores. The food, water, toiletries and clothes will be distributed to the homeless and underprivileged. The successful program has provided products directly to the rough sleepers and other partnered charities that need it the most.


Currently Bright Sparqe executes a fortnightly outreach program. Providing the homeless food, water, toiletries and clothes. With your support we are planning to move the outreach program to a weekly occurrence and provide dinner at a centralised location in the CBD. Bright Sparqe will work closely with affiliated support services to connect the homeless and underprivileged, assisting them in getting off the street.


One hundred percent of all revenue Bright Sparqe receives will go towards pursuing their charitable objectives. With your assistance and donations, Bright Sparqe’s outreach program will occur more regularly and we are able to expand our partnerships with other charitable organisations. This will enable an increase in the distribution of food, bottled water and clothes to more homeless and underprivileged people. Your donations will enable Bright Sparqe to purchase a vehicle, commence a homeless support clinic where we can provide assistance, counselling, training and support. It will also enable Bright Sparqe to deploy the initiative to other cities in Australia.

Bright Sparqe Objectives


If you would like to assist or partner with Bright Sparqe on a corporate of personal level, please populate the form below to help make a difference alternatively use these forms to see how you can help make a difference Or if you are a non-for-profit and require food for the homeless and underprivileged please contact us via the organisational opportunities form

Or if you are a non-for-profit and require food for the homeless and underprivileged please contact us via the organisational opportunities form















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About Bright Sparqe

The Bright Sparqe team was brought together by one common belief: as Australians, it is our duty and we all have a role to play in helping the homeless and underprivileged.

The Bright Sparqe team has a passion for giving back to the community and supporting other not-for-profit organisations. Bright Sparqe was established following these core values by providing end of day produce or unwanted products to those who need it most.

All team members have a role to play in the management of and achievement of Bright Sparqe’s objectives and the execution of the outreach program.

Meet our management team:

Charbel Yamouni - Founder & Chairperson

Charbel completed his undergraduate degree at Monash University in 2006 and is an experienced senior project manager, having delivered projects successfully, Charbel’s skill-set enables him to assist Bright Sparqe’s strategic policy and growth. Charbel is an executive director of Bright Sparqe facilitating Bright Sparqe strategy and implementation into its operations.

F.R. El Dakkak - Board Member (Design Lead)

F.R. El Dakkak completed her Bachelor of Design and Master of Landscape Architecture at RMIT University. Currently designing parks, playgrounds and outdoor spaces for public use. She has participated in multiple community outreach events. Community member interactions highlighted the need for more to be done to support vulnerable community members by supporting Bright Sparqe’s work and objectives. F.R. El Dakkak leads is Bright Sparqe’s design lead.

Pravin Aathreya - Board Member (Legal Counsel)

Pravin is a partner of Johnson Winter & Slattery, with over 15 years’ specialist experience in commercial dispute resolution, corporate insolvency and restructuring. Pravin has represented numerous corporate clients across a range of industries. Pravin holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Law from the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne. Pravin joined the Bright Sparqe organisational board because he is inspired by Brighr Sparqe’s vision of bringing support and solace to the most vulnerable, underprivileged and disenfranchised members of our community.

Patrick Curry - Board Member (Operations Lead)

Patrick is currently completing his undergraduate studies at The University of Melbourne and works part-time in the Real Estate industry. Patrick joined Bright Sparqe during its pilot stage in 2015, playing a strong part surrounding its development and to personally help our most vulnerable community members. Patrick holds great commitment to his community; he takes on a pivotal role in Bright Sparqe as a liaison between its executive board and small businesses. Motivated to make a considerable difference in the homelessness crisis, Patrick looks forward to being a part of Bright Sparqe’s continued growth.

Carla Marrano - Board Member (Social Media Lead)

Carla has completed her fitness level 3 & 4 and her diploma in beauty therapy. Carla currently works as a skin specialist. Being a social media enthusiast, Carla joined Bright Sparqe’s organisational board as the social media lead. Carla believes through social media she can support Bright Sparqe throughout the wider community. Carla has a strong passion in supporting others and is excited to be part of Bright Sparqe growth.

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